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14 Must Haves to Discover, Define & Refine Your Signature Brand

"Wow! I wish I would've had a guide like this when I started my first business. I struggled with understanding how to build a company that transparently & distinctively connected my beliefs, knowledge and divine brillance. Every woman pursuing entrepreneurship should read this book"


- Tieshena Davis, Award-Winning Publisher & Angel Investor

Your brand is your business’s most valuable asset. It’s what influences customers, clients, prospects, partners, investors and employees. At every touchpoint, your audience is seeking a compelling experience. They want to invest their resources with the experts of that particular industry. However, prior to being able to own the master title, you have to first claim and refine your “IT” Factor.


The 14 co-authors of this book have sown their words and wisdoms into these pages to prepare and propel you for success through 14 must-haves to discover, define and refine your signature brand. Full of aha moments, Cultivating Your IT Factor is designed for the motivated woman who is ready to unleash her potential through her passions.


This book teaches entrepreneurs how to shift their perspective, release unproductive habits, better manage their money, and achieve balance through practices of self-discovery and self-care. If you’re ready for a unique twist that showcases your personal style and makes you stand out in a crowded marketplace, then join us in cultivating and sustaining YOUR IT Factor.


The testimonies of women who reconstructed their broken pieces 

and created powerful platforms.

The Pieces of My Platform tells the inspirational stories of women who have all experienced the worst of times, yet have been able to turn them into the best of times. Miscarriages, homelessness, abusive relationships, incarceration, and cancer - these women have all had a great fall but have been able to get back up again.


The Hell I've Been Through 

Incredible women from all walks of life with all different challenges who have one thing in common, they are all overcomers! This book will leave you inspired! There is also an additional bonus of 7 Tips to Overcoming Your Challenges written by the creator of the book Taurea Vision Avant. This book is designed to help women and men to know that they are not alone in their challenges. The book will identify women of different backgrounds and stories. When you read this book, you will truly learn that you are not alone and that you too can overcome your challenges. We have so many women and men who are feeling isolated and we wanted to provide a book that will inspire and also equip the reader on the steps of what to do to push through their challenges.  


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